Our Mission

Is to bring smiles to faces of all ages. We will continue to spread love, cheer and making world a happier place with the help from Mr. PUP-ular and his gang.


Our first Couture Towel origami, Mr. Pup-ular was created in the summer of 2003, in hope to bring cheers and warmth to the sick and lonely patients in the hospital. Through two years of designing, fine-tuning, and refining, Mr. PUP-ular and his gang have become our ambassador in spreading cheers and love.

Today, we are here in hope to bring smiles and love to all ages. Whether it’s comforting companion on the beach, bath time playmates, or complimenting décor in your room - there’s something for everyone for all occasions.

We are proud to stand behind our products as well as the quality of our products including our commitment to use only 100% high quality pure cotton in towels which are formaldehyde FREE and azo free dye.

We Believe…

Be surrounded in the artistry, fascination, and fanciness of Couture Towel origami. We believe our hearts always desire love, caring and companionship, no matter which stage we are in life. We are dedicated to continue our work of making the world a happier place, with the help from Mr. PUP-ular and his gang.