It all started in the summer of 2003, while I worked as a volunteer in a hospital for 2 years. Through that experience, I realized that the greatest fear in life is not to suffer from sickness. In fact, I have learned that no matter which stage we are in life, our hearts always desire love, and the constant need for companionship.

I started making paper origami for each patient, and I always drew a big smile on the origami, in hope that they will feel warm and loved. One day, I visited a grandma who is pleasantly confused and recently lost her husband and her only son in a car accident.  

She said to me, “my son bought me this towel.  Will he visit me today?”

I took the towel from her hand and said, “Grandma, I am going to make you something today.”

I used the towel and made her favorite animal, a puppy. It was my first time using towel folding a towel origami. She smiled and we both looked at each other with our tears in our eyes.

Couple of days later, I went back to check on grandma.  She looked into my eyes, held my hands and said, “every time I look at this towel, it is comforting, it wipes out fear of the future and allows me to wake up each day feeling ease and delighted.  Thank you.”  

This has left a footprint upon my heart ever since.

The towel is not just an ordinary towel.  We gave it life by turning them into different cuddly pets and yummy pastries.  They made a great impression that imprint in our minds and warm our hearts.  Today, we are producing over 100 different kinds of animals, as well as gardening, pastries, sweets and even sports towel origami!

My pal, Mr. PUP-ular and his gang will continue to lead all of us on a journey across the nation and continents to keep spreading the love, cheer and making the world a happier place.

We hope that Mr. PUP-ular and his gang truly bring you happiness, touches your heart and your loved ones.


Shirley Chen