Season's Greetings from Couture Towel: 3 DIY Crafts

We have created three simple DIY's using our towel pets to help you add a little Christmas spirit to your home this holiday season!

Towel Pet Wreath

- Wreath
- Ribbon
- Towel Pets
- Pipe cleaners, clear elastic bands, twist tie, or anything that can tie and hold the towel pets

Step 1
Gather all your supplies.

Step 2

Take your attachment of choice to attach your towel pet to the wreath. Here, I wrapped a twist tie around the front of the towel pet and twisted it tightly in the back to the wreath in order to get it to stay in place.

Step 3
Tie a ribbon into a bow and attach it to the wreath.

Step 4

Hang the wreath up on your door, in your living room, or wherever you please!

Centerpiece Display

Add a unique touch to your centerpiece display, whether on a table or on top of a fireplace, this holiday season! With our wide range of towel pets, it is simple to create an entire Christmas themed display in just minutes.

Towel Pet Christmas Tree

Our individually wrapped Christmas towel pets make it easy to use as Christmas tree ornaments! Simply attach the twist tie to the tree and ta-da! You have an adorable tree for everyone to fall in love with.



5 Ways to Decorate with Couture Towel

Couture Towel provides towel origami for unique decor for your next party. With our large variety of products, it’s easy to find what you need for your next celebration. I have created a list of five different parties you can feature our products in, followed by pictures of products that can be used to make planning easy! They can be used on a table display, as a centerpiece, or as party favors.

1. Baby Shower
Having adorable decorations is a necessity at baby showers. Towel decorations are appropriate because babies need towels for many reasons including baths and spills. Towel origami provides a unique element to having towels as displays or party favors because they can be transformed into animals, pastries, and so much more!

2. Bridal Shower
Flowers are essential as decorations for anything bridal and wedding related. However, flower arrangements can be really expensive and they don't last forever. Replacing some floral arrangements with flowers made from towels, you can save some money as well as have floral arrangements that last forever!

3. Tea Party
Tea parties are fun events with a variety of food and desserts. To add something different to your party, towel origami patisseries can be placed as a centerpiece of the dessert table, dining tables, or even given as fun party favors! Guests will surely remember your tea party with towel patisseries gifts!

4. Birthday Party
Birthdays are all about treating yourself and that includes ice cream, cake, candy, and everything sweet! For those that want to skip the calories, these towel origami desserts are the way to go.

5. Outdoor Picnic Party
Being outdoors is always refreshing and having a picnic makes it even better. Want to throw a picnic party for the books? Have decorations that can sit on the table and not be destroyed or eaten by flies and other insects! With towel origami radishes, carrots, ladybugs, bees, and many more, everyone will be wanting pictures with your outdoor themed decorations!



5 Tips for Mothers to Get Better Sleep Tonight

The hectic lifestyle of a mother with children of any age is evident. We know that waking up to a baby’s cry or being exhausted from daily school drop-offs and pick-ups, cooking three meals a day, constant cleaning, and every day stress can take a toll on your ability to get a good night’s rest. So, we have gathered a few tips to help all mothers out there get a better night’s sleep!

1. Create and stick to a sleep schedule.
It may take a while to get your body adjusted to sleeping at the same time every night, but once a schedule is created, it becomes a lot easier to fall asleep at a certain time at night. Try to reach the point where you can go to bed and get up at the same time every day. It is helpful to set alarms! The hardest part is to avoid sleeping in on weekends because although you will be tempted to enjoy your less hectic days in bed, it will mess with the sleep schedule you worked so hard to start.

2. Be cautious of what you eat and drink before bed.
Don’t go to bed after an extremely filling meal, but also don’t go to bed hungry. The discomfort of feeling full and bloated or thinking about food will keep you up at night. Limit the amount of liquids you have before bed to prevent the middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. Also, coffee is a must have for many mothers, but make sure to avoid that before bed as the caffeine will keep you up!

3. Limit daytime naps.
If you must nap (and we understand why you may want to when you get the chance to), try to limit it to 10-20 minutes in the middle of the afternoon as napping too close to bedtime may affect your ability to sleep at night.

4. Exercise.
Physical activity can be beneficial to getting a better sleep and falling asleep quicker. Take your children out on a walk as a fun way to get exercise and have playtime with them. However, it is important to not exercise too close to bedtime, as you may be too energized to fall asleep.

5. Have your stress under control. Stress is common, especially when you have so many tasks and people to care for as a mother. Some tips to manage your stress include getting organized and prioritizing what tasks are more important to complete and which one can be left for later on in the day or week. Jotting down what stresses you out in a journal before you sleep will help you release some stress before bed.

Hope we have provided you with some great tips to help you sleep better tonight!



3 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls

In the previous post, we discussed how to create some adorable, yet cheap Halloween costumes at home for your little boy. Today, we have some costumes for your little girl that you could try this Halloween!

Ladybug Costume:
1. Attach two black chenille stems with a hot glue gun to a black headband to create antennas.
2. Tape black polka dots made of felt or construction paper to create the ladybug's body on a red shirt or dress. The shirt or dress will not be ruined if you use tape as the polka dots can be removed later. However, if you don’t mind the clothing being ruined, go ahead and use paint to paint the polka dots on the clothing as it will be faster!

Bee Costume:
1. Attach two black chenille stems with a hot glue gun to a black headband to create antennas.
2. Tape black stripes made of felt or construction paper to create the bee’s body on a yellow shirt or dress. The shirt or dress will not be ruined if you use tape as the stripes can be removed later. However, if you don’t mind the clothing being ruined, go ahead and use paint to paint the stripes on the clothing as it will be faster!

Dog Costume:
1. Cut out droopy dog ears with felt.
2. Attach them to a headband of choice with a hot glue gun.
3. Paint (with face paint) or draw (with eyeliner) an oval nose on the face.
4. The rest is up to you! You can decide on the color of clothing, whether or not you want to create a belly (as explained in the previous post), add spots, and so on.



3 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

Children’s costumes are usually worn once a year on Halloween and then thrown away. For that reason, finding cheap ways to create a simple, yet adorable costume is a plus! Here are some tips and suggestions to make your child’s Halloween costume at home yourself.

Panda Costume:
1. Draw out the shape of the ears onto pieces of cardboard and felt.
2. Attach the felt to the pieces of cardboard to create sturdy ears.
3. Hot glue gun the ears to a black headband.
4. Grab some face paint and create two black circles around the eyes and a nose.
5. Dress your child up in black and white clothing, or add a white circle felt onto a black shirt to create the stomach of a panda.

Lion Costume:
1. Add some hairspray to your child’s hair and style it to look messy, big, and poufy.
2. Draw a triangle, nose, and whiskers to create the face of a lion.
3. Wear brown clothing and tape a piece of yellow felt to the center of the shirt to create the belly.

Monkey Costume:
1. Draw out the shape of monkey ears onto pieces of cardboard and felt.
2. Attach the felt to the pieces of cardboard to create sturdy ears.
3. Hot glue gun the ears to a brown headband.
4. Wear brown clothing and tape a piece of beige felt to the center of the shirt to create the belly.
5. Hold a banana while trick-or-treating to add some fun to the look!



How To Plan A Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be fun and easy to do. Incorporating creative, unique ideas to your day will lead to inexpensive and delightful memories for your guests to last a lifetime. Let’s get started!


For a fun and unique touch you can center your decorating theme on Towel Origami and fold baby towels and washcloths into cute animals such as a puppy, elephant, hippo and farm animals too. A safari theme is quite in vogue with cutout images of wild animals attached on baby towels. You can also have towel flower bouquets in your color theme and a candy corner with towel cupcakes and candy.

Guests Invitations

Invites can be made to order with elaborate styling on monogrammed paper. You can also have DIY guest invitations by mounting different color hard paper on another color and then tying it with a bow or a ribbon. Write or print the baby shower information on a white paper placed on top of it. You can also draw or paint animals such as owls on the paper or cut out the paper in the shape of an owl if you’re going for an owl theme for a creative twist.

Food and Location

Delicacies should make up your baby shower menu. Barbecue, of course, is a must as it just fits in so well with the weather. Other foods include burgers, kebabs, baked potatoes, coleslaw and vegetable salad, corn on a cob, fresh fruit platter with watermelon and drinks. Ice cream is always a great dessert.
A creative addition is the towel cake which is beautiful and easy to make and calorie free! You can also throw in towel lollipops, cupcakes and ice cream cones or even have a towel cake buffet and ice cream truck!

Baby Shower Favors

Gifts and baby shower favors can range from simple to spectacular. You can choose from lollipops, patisserie, or any of your favorite towel pets that are uniquely handmade from Couture Towel. They are one-of-a- kind, unique products that are eco-friendly and contain no toxic chemicals. They are safe for baby and everyone in your family and can be personalized with customized embroidery and designs for different towels that become your lifetime storyteller.
We strive to bring smile to everyone whether it’s during bath time, playtime or match your home décor. Mother and baby will be surrounded by beauty and love always.


Mr. PUP-ular on Vacation - Paris


Mr. PUP-ular on Vacation - Paris

“Actually…Paris is the most beautiful in the rain.” From the movie Midnight in Paris. Mr. PUP-ular had to admit that yes, it is indeed very true.

Last time Mr. PUP-ular was in Paris it was raining too. You probably don’t like traveling in bad weather, because it messes up your plans and put you in a blue mood. But for Mr. PUP-ular, it was a great opportunity to see a different Paris. Mr. PUP-ular quickly hopped on and off the bus with his camera. There is just something so special about catching the Eiffel Tower’s reflection in a puddle! The colors, the lights, and the sky, so low and soft, reinforce its romantic soul and its look.

But why is Paris even more beautiful under the rain? Just like what Mr. Walt Disney said, “Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things.” If you look at things from another angle, you’ll easily find beautiful things in life everywhere.


Carry A Thankful Heart...


Carry A Thankful Heart...

To all the Couture Towel Fans,

As many of us know that Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest and of the preceding years. I would like to take this opportunity to share a story with you here today.

Last week, while I was in our Couture Towel shop, I had a chance to meet and talk to one of our customers. She is a lovely and friendly lady, a strong mom, and most certainly an amazing woman and a friend. She told me about her 25-year-old daughter just recovered from 3-weeks long coma, and how she would rather have God taken her away instead of her daughter. I see a mixture of ease and hardship, happiness and sorrow, hope and pain in her eyes. As an encouragement, I took a mini fluffy towel origami from the shelves and handed it to her. I said to her with tears in my eyes: “I hope no matter what happens in your life, you will always remember what you’ve got and you have everyone with you.”

Often in life, we come across many people who have helped us, made our lives better and supported us. They may be our family, our mentors, or our friends. Today is a day more than festivities, it allows us to ponder upon what lessons we have learned, and a day to spread the love and happiness to everyone around us.

As you are celebrating with your loved ones on this Thanksgiving Day, take a moment to appreciate and be thankful for everything around you.




The Story of Us


The Story of Us

It all started in the summer of 2003, while I worked as a volunteer in a hospital for 2 years. Through that experience, I realized that the greatest fear in life is not to suffer from sickness. In fact, I have learned that no matter which stage we are in life, our hearts always desire love, and the constant need for companionship.

I started making paper origami for each patient, and I always drew a big smile on the origami, in hope that they will feel warm and loved. One day, I visited a grandma who is pleasantly confused and recently lost her husband and her only son in a car accident.

She said to me, “my son bought me this towel. Will he visit me today?” I took the towel from her hand and said, “Grandma, I am going to make you something today.”

I used the towel and made her favorite animal, a puppy. It was my first time using towel folding a towel origami. She smiled and we both looked at each other with our tears in our eyes.

Couple of days later, I went back to check on grandma. She looked into my eyes, held my hands and said, “every time I look at this towel, it is comforting, it wipes out fear of the future and allows me to wake up each day feeling ease and delighted. Thank you.”

This has left a footprint upon my heart ever since.

The towel is not just an ordinary towel. We gave it life by turning them into different cuddly pets and yummy pastries. They made a great impression that imprint in our minds and warm our hearts. Today, we are producing over 20 different kinds of animals, as well as gardening, pastries, sweets and even sports towel origami!

My pal, Mr. PUP-ular and his gang will continue to lead all of us on a journey across the nation and continents to keep spreading the love, cheer and making the world a happier place.

We hope that Mr. PUP-ular and his gang truly bring you happiness, touches your heart and your loved ones.


Shirley Chen