Couture Towel provides towel origami for unique decor for your next party. With our large variety of products, it’s easy to find what you need for your next celebration. I have created a list of five different parties you can feature our products in, followed by pictures of products that can be used to make planning easy! They can be used on a table display, as a centerpiece, or as party favors.

1. Baby Shower
Having adorable decorations is a necessity at baby showers. Towel decorations are appropriate because babies need towels for many reasons including baths and spills. Towel origami provides a unique element to having towels as displays or party favors because they can be transformed into animals, pastries, and so much more!

2. Bridal Shower
Flowers are essential as decorations for anything bridal and wedding related. However, flower arrangements can be really expensive and they don't last forever. Replacing some floral arrangements with flowers made from towels, you can save some money as well as have floral arrangements that last forever!

3. Tea Party
Tea parties are fun events with a variety of food and desserts. To add something different to your party, towel origami patisseries can be placed as a centerpiece of the dessert table, dining tables, or even given as fun party favors! Guests will surely remember your tea party with towel patisseries gifts!

4. Birthday Party
Birthdays are all about treating yourself and that includes ice cream, cake, candy, and everything sweet! For those that want to skip the calories, these towel origami desserts are the way to go.

5. Outdoor Picnic Party
Being outdoors is always refreshing and having a picnic makes it even better. Want to throw a picnic party for the books? Have decorations that can sit on the table and not be destroyed or eaten by flies and other insects! With towel origami radishes, carrots, ladybugs, bees, and many more, everyone will be wanting pictures with your outdoor themed decorations!