We have created three simple DIY's using our towel pets to help you add a little Christmas spirit to your home this holiday season!

Towel Pet Wreath

- Wreath
- Ribbon
- Towel Pets
- Pipe cleaners, clear elastic bands, twist tie, or anything that can tie and hold the towel pets

Step 1
Gather all your supplies.

Step 2

Take your attachment of choice to attach your towel pet to the wreath. Here, I wrapped a twist tie around the front of the towel pet and twisted it tightly in the back to the wreath in order to get it to stay in place.

Step 3
Tie a ribbon into a bow and attach it to the wreath.

Step 4

Hang the wreath up on your door, in your living room, or wherever you please!

Centerpiece Display

Add a unique touch to your centerpiece display, whether on a table or on top of a fireplace, this holiday season! With our wide range of towel pets, it is simple to create an entire Christmas themed display in just minutes.

Towel Pet Christmas Tree

Our individually wrapped Christmas towel pets make it easy to use as Christmas tree ornaments! Simply attach the twist tie to the tree and ta-da! You have an adorable tree for everyone to fall in love with.