“Actually…Paris is the most beautiful in the rain.” From the movie Midnight in Paris. Mr. PUP-ular had to admit that yes, it is indeed very true.

Last time Mr. PUP-ular was in Paris it was raining too. You probably don’t like traveling in bad weather, because it messes up your plans and put you in a blue mood. But for Mr. PUP-ular, it was a great opportunity to see a different Paris. Mr. PUP-ular quickly hopped on and off the bus with his camera. There is just something so special about catching the Eiffel Tower’s reflection in a puddle! The colors, the lights, and the sky, so low and soft, reinforce its romantic soul and its look.

But why is Paris even more beautiful under the rain? Just like what Mr. Walt Disney said, “Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things.” If you look at things from another angle, you’ll easily find beautiful things in life everywhere.