Planning a baby shower can be fun and easy to do. Incorporating creative, unique ideas to your day will lead to inexpensive and delightful memories for your guests to last a lifetime. Let’s get started!


For a fun and unique touch you can center your decorating theme on Towel Origami and fold baby towels and washcloths into cute animals such as a puppy, elephant, hippo and farm animals too. A safari theme is quite in vogue with cutout images of wild animals attached on baby towels. You can also have towel flower bouquets in your color theme and a candy corner with towel cupcakes and candy.

Guests Invitations

Invites can be made to order with elaborate styling on monogrammed paper. You can also have DIY guest invitations by mounting different color hard paper on another color and then tying it with a bow or a ribbon. Write or print the baby shower information on a white paper placed on top of it. You can also draw or paint animals such as owls on the paper or cut out the paper in the shape of an owl if you’re going for an owl theme for a creative twist.

Food and Location

Delicacies should make up your baby shower menu. Barbecue, of course, is a must as it just fits in so well with the weather. Other foods include burgers, kebabs, baked potatoes, coleslaw and vegetable salad, corn on a cob, fresh fruit platter with watermelon and drinks. Ice cream is always a great dessert.
A creative addition is the towel cake which is beautiful and easy to make and calorie free! You can also throw in towel lollipops, cupcakes and ice cream cones or even have a towel cake buffet and ice cream truck!

Baby Shower Favors

Gifts and baby shower favors can range from simple to spectacular. You can choose from lollipops, patisserie, or any of your favorite towel pets that are uniquely handmade from Couture Towel. They are one-of-a- kind, unique products that are eco-friendly and contain no toxic chemicals. They are safe for baby and everyone in your family and can be personalized with customized embroidery and designs for different towels that become your lifetime storyteller.
We strive to bring smile to everyone whether it’s during bath time, playtime or match your home décor. Mother and baby will be surrounded by beauty and love always.